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Weingut Aufricht gewinnt sechs Mal Gold © AWC ViennaWeingut Aufricht gewinnt sechs Mal Gold © AWC Vienna
The winery is located in the middle of erecting Meersburger conservation area, in a cultural landscape with rare grace and harmony of use. The vineyards of the house come right down to the shores of Lake Constance. Not only the wine, but also the walnut liquor is unique. Grandpa erecting tells us his story to the walnut liquor:


Robert and Manfred erecting

Trail 8

88719 Meersburg-Stetten/Bodensee

Tel 07532 - 2427
Fax 07532 - 2421
Direct sales - opening times:

Monday - Saturday 10.00 clock - 12.00 clock and 14:00 clock - 18.00 clock
Sundays and holidays closed.

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1. Das weitläufige Weingut mit Blick auf den romantischen Bodensee.


 When I was a small boy on the farm we had a very special stallion. He was called vernier, just like the horse race. Vernier was a proud, magnificent and powerful animals -. Pride and the special favorite of my father
, my father was awakened one night by one of his servants. "Sir," said the servant. "Lord, come quickly. Something has happened. " At that time it was customary for the farmer was still referred to by his servants and maids as "Lord".
boss or boss nobody would have said at the time. The servant was formally written in the face of despair and despondency. "Lord, the vernier is sick." This news came as a shock to my father. The three of us ran to the barn and were
shocked. Nonius, lay on the straw. His stomach was bloated and he made no more peep. "Get the veterinary", my father ordered the servant.

The vet said Dr. cowhide - no name could be more fitting. But he also knew no advice In desperation, my father said: "Now I go to whole hog."
He disappeared and came back with a liter of its 50-percent walnut brandy. He instilled a vernier. First, nothing happened - but then the horse suddenly excited. There was a sound, half geröchelt, half whinnied. A few hours later it was again on his feet. What vernier has suffered exactly was not clear. But my father was right. For him, the Nussschnaps was always medicine, not a beverage. "The secret lies in nature," he always said.
He was referring to the bitter nuts. Which have a positive effect on the stomach and help in so many diseases and gout.

From my father I learned then what is important, eg for the right time. Need to be cut around St. John the walnuts, which is very tiring, because the trees are then fully in the juice. Since it takes a lot of strength and tannins that emerge when cutting the finger color for weeks. All nuts for my shots up here in your own garden. But I suppose no more 50-percentage alcohol like my father, but only 38-percent. Then it is not only medicine, but also a stimulant. And you can taste it!

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