Hohenzollern Castle

Burg HohenzollernBurg Hohenzollern
Burg Hohenzollern - RitterspaßBurg Hohenzollern - Ritterspaß
Burg Hohenzollern - FalknerBurg Hohenzollern - Falkner
Burg Hohenzollern - PrinzessinenBurg Hohenzollern - königliches Flanieren
Burg Hohenzollern - RestaurantBurg Hohenzollern - Restaurant
Burg Hohenzollern - Open Air KinoBurg Hohenzollern - Open Air Kino
Burg Hohenzollern - GrafensaalBurg Hohenzollern - Grafensaal
Landmark with cult status - is home icon, the symbol of an entire region and one of Germany's biggest tourist magnets. And it has been so deserves some praise: After an international evaluation of the German Tourist Board Hohenzollern Castle is one of the 30 most popular sites in Germany.


Hohenzollern Castle
D-72379 Hechingen

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So beautiful and well-tried international fame may be, the Burg Hohenzollern now does not fall into the slumber. It is open every day - the only day off is Christmas Eve - and as far as their offer, she is also constantly changing. Besides a number of recurring annual events there are always one-time special events such as concerts, exhibitions and lectures.

The year of events at the castle traditionally begins with the Spring Awakening at Easter. To both the indoor and the outdoor area with plenty of flowers and containers are decorated. Have the moms on Mother's Day free admission and relax royal, because the castle team takes care of fun and games for the little ones. Similarly, the young princesses and knights at the castle adventure mid-June to come get their money. In July and August always three open air events in the calendar are then anchored castle: the English Shakespearean theater, the cinema and the courtyard Shooting Star nights. Especially the Shooting Star nights are so unique and only possible on the Hohenzollern Castle in shape. The castle walls are in fact in the courtyard illuminated with changing motifs using a special light art. There are next to an appropriate framework program also chilling music and tasty cocktails and snacks. And of course, guests can retreat into the dark corners of the castle-towers and scan the night sky for shooting stars from the constellation of Perseus.

In autumn, the falconer weekend is on the program. Then conquer majestic eagle, swift as an arrow, the hawks and vultures imposing castle. And for the first time the pleasure Festival will take place this fall, will present their specialties in which regional suppliers with a large courtyard-Hockete and pamper guests accordingly - framed by a matching program dialect. The last and biggest event in the calendar is the Royal Castle Christmas Market, which is always on 1and 2 Advent weekend takes place on Fridays to Sundays.

The Christmas enjoy, experience, explore and shopping is embedded in a stylish and unusual program. New for this year is incidentally also the "Royal Stroll" On certain days the castle rooms are always open and can be explored at will.So if you've always wanted to see enough in the treasury for hours, would be right one of these days. Course is knowledgeable personnel in the castle rooms available for questions and explanations. The exact dates are available on www.burg-hohenzollern.com.


Für kleine Ritter und junge Prinzessinnen bietet die Burg das beliebte Kinderprogramm in den baden-württembergischen Oster-, Pfingst-, Sommer- und Herbstferien an. Mit Ritter Ingbert, dem Weltenbummler Caspar Wieselflink oder der Gräfin von Kronenglanz und Purzelbaum geht es auf spielerische Entdeckungsreisen um und durch das alte Gemäuer. Spaß und Staunen sind da garantiert.


Café Restaurant Burg Hohenzollern: Der Küchenchef setzt auf regionale Spezialitäten, vor allem zu empfehlen sind die geschmorten Rinderbäckle in Rotweinsauce und der hausgemachte Kartoffelsalat. Das Restaurant hat täglich von 10 bis 18 Uhr geöffnet. Im Sommer bewirtschaftet das Café Restaurant natürlich auch den Burggarten – einen der schönsten Biergärten der Region.


Burg Hohenzollern

D-72379 Hechingen

Telefon +49 (0)7471 - 2428
Fax +49 (0)7471 - 6812


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