Each year Elzas the best bartenders and their cocktails in Switzerland at the Swiss Bar Awards. End of September 2012 won the Elvira Bachanek rennomierten title "Bartender of the Year 2012".


Bahnhofstrasse 68

CH - 3920 Zermatt

phone. +41 27 967 55 33


Opening times:

Daily from 16.00-02.00 clock


Swiss enjoyment

Ellie, as she is called by friends and guests, since over five years working in the Hexenbar in Zermatt. Growing Elli is on the island of Usedom and is therefore usual days of childhood dealing with guests. In their homeland, they successfully completed a training in Hotel Management.

Through a bet with friends they came to Zermatt and stayed. The small linguistic Rapperswil between the North German bartender and Zermatt guests are now überwunden and Hexenbar without Elli is no longer conceivable.

The connectedness to their colleagues and friends in Zermatt can also be seen by the success story up to the title of the best barkeep. Your friends thought so much of them that they signed up without their knowledge Elli in the competition. After signing Elli completed several rounds votes in knowledge tests available via the Internet and Switzerland sovereign, until they stood thus in the final of the Swiss Bar Awards in September 2012 and in showmixing. A total of 60 patrons and colleagues Elli took the bus to Zurich and as she took the first place was the atmosphere on the peak.

Who comes to Zermatt should definitely go into the Hexenbar and Elli `s try a cocktail. In order to shorten the time until the next can Zermattaufenthalt mix their creation "The Green Harry" before themselves. Ellie's advice: Due to the cucumbers, the alcohol does not taste as strong.


The Green Harry

· 4cl London Gin No 1,
Original Blue Gin
· 3cl Bols Kiwi Liqueur
· 4 cl Orangensaft
· 10 cl Grapefruitsaft
· 1 dash Zitronensaft
· 1 cl Blue Curaçao
· Beigabe eine 1 cm dicke Gurkenscheibe in Viertel geschnitten


Alle Flüssigkeiten zusammen mit Eiswürfeln shaken. Inhalt in ein Glass (5 dl Inhalt) geben. Die Gurkenstücke beigeben.

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