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With five years of the South Tyrolean climbed with his father the first three thousand, as an adult, he devoted himself to mountain climbing - the rest is history. Reinhold Messner is arguably the greatest adventurers of our time and is now his knowledge on. With suite Enquire he talked about current projects.


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Enquire Suite: You are in June in the Himalayas and make a documentary. What is it?

Reinhold Messner: There are a total of three expeditions to the "60 years of first ascent of Mount Everest." There are three episodes that will be shown on ZDF. It's less about the Mountaineering - culture, people and the landscape in the foreground.

SE: What is the mood at home before you leave for an expedition?

RM: My wife shares my passion and way of life and accepted. In Himalayan expeditions, she was usually always at base camp. I have the last 20 years, mainly just slight expeditions (which I developed) committed. With now 69 years, the risk is to lie in bed with a dead heart attack greater than verunglücken in mountaineering.

SE: What gets for you the most beautiful place on earth?

RM: I grew up in the Dolomites, Bolzano and am happy to live in Europeans. In any case, I need mountains. The Dolomites with their jagged landscape I find attractive, but also the Andes and Tibet are very nice for me.

SE: What religion has influenced you the most?

RM: My life has not affected religion, but I have become very tolerant. I've lived with Buddhists, Hindus, Christians, Jews, Muslims, often months. For me religions are indeed invented by man, but I respect them as life coaching. I am not a Buddhist, but feel attracted to Buddhism is strongest. With the thesis "Do the world for the subject" we have done well with Christianity the last 2000 years, but now we go to the wall.

S.E.: How to finance an expedition?

RM: Every expedition has a financial background. Everything has to be financed in advance. No bank will give a loan for a climber on an expedition. I've always financed with the "waste products" (books, films, lectures) my other expeditions.

SE: What do you want from the current generation of mountaineers / climbers?

RM: I regret that many young climbers the action or the record hunger is the main drive for their actions. I came across the alpine mountaineering history and would hope that the current generation of climbers stronger dealing with the alpine history.

SE: You describe the Messner Mountain Museums as its 15th Eight-thousanders. What do you do in the project?

RM: In this project I try to tell what I know available via mountains. I call it my 15 Eight thousand, because there was a lot of resistance. At the end everything worked out. My museums are all self-funded, I find no support for it. On the contrary, I was criticized for that so I want to build a monument to me. What is a mountain? Finally, a resistor. Either You break off or you'll become stronger.

SE: You operate alongside its museums also a mountain farm?

R.M.: There are a total of three mountain farms. I try to get along without the market and I am completely self-sufficient. In extreme cases, my family and our friends could survive on the mountain and through the courts - they would merely participate. Inside my heart, I'm mining.

SE: Can you switch off good times and just do nothing? I can imagine a Reinhold Messner hard on the beach ...

R.M.: Such a thing has never been too. Some time ago I was invited with my wife on a sea voyage. We toured New Guinea, Hong Kong and New Zealand. During the trip I actually just wrote on my new book.

SE: Thank you for your time and interesting insights.

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