Weingut BehringerWeingut Behringer
1./2. Die Reben prägen das Gesicht der Landschaft. Die engagierten Winzer der Winzergenossenschaft Britzingen und das Weingut Behringer veredeln die geernteten Trauben zu ausgezeichneten Weinen, die weltweit ihre Liebhaber finden.
Weingut BehringerWeingut Behringer
4. Mit dem Gleitschirm über das Markgräflerland.
An idyllic wine village in the heart of Margravian - that exercise is healthy, everybody knows and who has not ever set out to walk daily at least a half hour walk or jog. Fault if it does not work, are always appointments, weather, etc ...


Fremdenverkehrsverein Britzingen e.V.
c / o Beate Kerkhoff
Marriage creek road 24a

D-79379-Mullheim Britzingen

Telephone +49 (0) 7631/155 28

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But on holiday it is suddenly very easy when well-marked forest trails and inviting spot to challenging hikes and tours as well as take long walks on the panoramic paths (with a wonderful view of the neighboring Alsace). Explore the variety of offerings and activities in our idyllic wine and resort. For cycling enthusiasts Britzingen Dédes and friends of the mountain bikes come in slightly higher areas at your expense. Who, however, preferred the bike can hit the ground running on the training tracks the wheel Bundesliga teams.

Young families with children will find here a lot for a relaxing and exciting vacation. Whether trips to nearby pools, hiking to the ruins, Barefoot paths and recreational parks - there can be many things combine so that each finds his pleasure.Let yourself be spoiled by our two local pubs with the typical Baden-or fine dining. Relax in the thermal baths and three surrounding pamper yourself there really in the saunas and spa areas. Apartments all categories invite to stay. We, the hosts of Britzingen, invite you to this!

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