Gasthaus zur Krone

Gasthaus zur Krone, BritzingenGasthaus zur Krone, Britzingen
Gasthaus Krone Britzingen, KulinarischGasthaus Krone Britzingen, Kulinarisch
The Gasthaus zur Krone in the center of Britzingen has a reaching back to the year 1720 history and was acquired by the well-known family of winemakers Behringer 2005 and presents itself as a traditional Markgraefler been fully renovated village inn with a beautiful garden terrace.


Gasthaus zur Krone
Reiner Meisinger
Markgräfler road 32

79379 Britzingen

Tel: +49 (0) 7631/2046
Fax: +49 (0) 7631/937679

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The guest house has in addition to the large dining room and two comfortable adjoining rooms and rooms for guests who wish to stay longer. Await guests single and double rooms and two suites, one with sauna and jacuzzi. Heidi in Pure and Meisinger the winemakers family found a tenant couple, which corresponds well with the expectations of the guests.

Hotelfachfrau Heidi Meisinger assist guests with their friendly and humble chef Art Reiner Meisinger spoil the guests' palates and represents about cooking his own philosophy: "From the region for the region". This applies to fresh, seasonal ingredients reason he relates from the surrounding area as well as the wines served, probably added from the winery Behringer or the local cooperative.

The kitchen of the inn to the crown goes far beyond the typical gastronomy, is bourgeois. Lightweight, high-end and fine, but also consciously with Mediterranean influences, interpreted Reiner Meisinger Markgraefler the kitchen on his way

Just as important as the freshness and quality of the raw materials is the eye balanced price-performance ratio here.This concept comes from both locals and the travelers good.


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