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Rolfi ng® bietet die Möglichkeit, sich aus ungesunden Bewegungsmustern zu befreien, unabhängig oder als Ergänzung zur Physiotherapie, Massagen oder ärztlichen Behandlungen. Rolfing® ist eine manuelle Methode, die besonders bei Rückenschmerzen, ...
Medical Wellness - © Rolfing - Rolfing ® offers the opportunity to break free from unhealthy patterns of movement, independently or as an adjunct to physiotherapy, massage or medical treatments. Rolfi ng ® is a manual method that is particularly recommended for back pain, disc problems and athletic overexertion.


"My vision is the upright man, graceful in posture and movement."

Rolfing practice
Andreas Würtl
Certified Rolfer © since 2008

Leogangerstraße 44
5760 Saalfelden

Tel: +43 664 5194268

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The body is put back into its natural relationship to gravity 'unwind'. Here, the Rolfer Andreas Würtl (Certified Rolfer) first determines how you move through his trained eye. Whether sitting, standing or walking. The individual movement pattern that develops every human being from birth itself is thereby analyzed exactly. Based on the information provided by that individual of the Rolfer created a concept for you.

The Rolfer works on the fascia, the supporting tissue of the body, the actual body of the form, and dissolves existing patterns of tension. All familiar with the concept of bones and muscles, but since all good things are always three, it is also the fascia. These give the body the actual shape.

What has been the experience of daily Rolfern, has recently thanks to research methods in anatomy and physiology obtain a scientific basis. Today it is known that the cells of the entire fascial carry on their surface receptors that serve the perception of different compressive and tensile forces. These cellular reception and transmission stations for information are in close contact with the autonomic nervous system, which in turn may influence the inherent tension of the fascia and then responds to the touch Rolfing.

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