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Siegi Herzog ́s Kreativ-Werkstätte mit der wohl modernsten Anlage Europas.

Siegfried Herzog Distillates

"Geistreiche Leidenschaften“ from Saalfelden - From the 400 year old wedge peasant family farm in Saalfelden some of the finest brandies in the world come Siegfried Herzog applicable in the art as "artists and alchemist"..


Woermann Cigars

Already in 1880, Heinrich Woermann the Woermann cigar factory as a branch operation. From 1890, production started on his own account, and thus began a success story over 120 years ago.

Weingut Behringer


An idyllic wine village in the heart of Margravian - that exercise is healthy, everybody knows and who has not ever set out to walk daily at least a half hour walk or jog. Fault if it does not work, are always appointments, weather, etc ...

1. Die Visualisierung zeigt die Forsthofalm mit der 1.200 Kubikmeter großen Erweiterung. (Bild:


At 1,050 meters above sea level, surrounded by meadows, forests and enchanting mountains, the Forsthofalm is a dreamlike idyll for relaxing days away from the big city. The four-star hotel Forsthofalm is the first solid wood hotel in Salzburg in August 2013 and the addition of a 1,200 cubic meter...

Romantikhotel, Kleber Post, Bad Saulgau

Romantik Hotel Kleber Post

Bad Saulgau, in the heart of Upper Swabia, the four-star Romantik Hotel Kleber Post is in a prime location. For the owner Christine and Michael Egon Durach the family atmosphere and comfort is just as natural as the exclusivity.

Bernhard Edlmann - Schokolade & Wein

Bernhard Edlmann - Schokolade & Wein

Bernhard Edlmann - Chocolate & Wine - The author Eberhard Schell shows the similarities of the two fascinating beverage chocolate and wine (terroir, farming, vineyard wines and chocolates), describes how to train the taste and learns both enjoy with mind and senses.

Golfen, Alpenressort Schwarz, Schönster Golfplatz Österreichs

Alpine Resort Black

Black Alpine Resort - In the Alpine resort designed with your dream holiday for the whole family. The award-winning family business is located at climatically favored Mieming plateau, 35 km west of Innsbruck.


Hotel Brandlhof

Brandlhof Hotel - Hotel Brandlhof was 30 and last year celebrated its weighing hard as it corresponds to a well-off 30 - with quality-full of action. The hotel Brandlhof in Saalfelden in Salzburg is one of Europe's unique venue for meetings, seminars, conferences, congresses and presentations as...

Hotel & Resort Alpenrose

The Hotel & Resort Alpenrose

Children is one of the best hotels in the Tyrolean mountains: 7,000 m² Land & experience program from baby to teen.

Golf, Bad Waldsee, Golf und Vitalpark

Golf and Vital Park Bad Waldsee

Directly in front of the gates of the baroque town of Bad Waldsee, in the beautiful Upper Swabia, the Golf & Sports Park is located on the site of a former farming estate amidst an 45-hole golf resort. With a keen sense for the combination of modern architecture and historic buildings, it is able...

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