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Weinberg Aufricht

Winery Erecting

The winery is located in the middle of erecting Meersburger conservation area, in a cultural landscape with rare grace and harmony of use. The vineyards of the house come right down to the shores of Lake Constance. Not only the wine, but also the walnut liquor is unique. Grandpa erecting tells us...

Romantikhotel, Kleber Post, Bad Saulgau

Romantik Hotel Kleber Post

Bad Saulgau, in the heart of Upper Swabia, the four-star Romantik Hotel Kleber Post is in a prime location. For the owner Christine and Michael Egon Durach the family atmosphere and comfort is just as natural as the exclusivity.

Traufgänge - Felsensteig

... for Traufgänger!

Popular as ever, the Traufgänge around Albstadt enjoy great popularity among Germany hiking enthusiasts. A total of 86 exciting hiking kilometers, numerous quality host and the eight Traufgänge raise Albstadt in the first league in Germany hiking.

Siegi Herzog ́s Kreativ-Werkstätte mit der wohl modernsten Anlage Europas.

Siegfried Herzog Distillates

"Geistreiche Leidenschaften“ from Saalfelden - From the 400 year old wedge peasant family farm in Saalfelden some of the finest brandies in the world come Siegfried Herzog applicable in the art as "artists and alchemist"..

Gasthaus Grainer

Christians Restaurant

Since 1572 the inn is family owned and spoils Grainer since 1990, Christian F Grainer guests in its restaurant. The restaurant serves up to 30 people to enjoy exquisite cuisine and fine wines in the prestigious setting.

Golf in malerischer Kulisse

Golf Club Brandlhof

Golf Club Brandlhof - Against a spectacular Alpine backdrop, the Brandlhof presented as a golf resort in a class. Outside the door there is the incomparable 18-hole championship course. Here you can not only play against their Flight and themselves, but also against a very challenging course with...

Anja Wegeler-Drieseberg und Dr. Tom Drieseberg

Wineries Wegeler

More and more "very important persons" discover the joy of wine making. Not since Günther Jauch is on the way when it comes to wine, it is reported. In addition to the VIP Wine Makers there are wines that are made exclusive for stars and starlets.

Das historische Schwarzwaldhaus von 1639 mit Terrasse.

Parkhotel Adler

For many guests, whether adults or children, this boutique resort Parkhotel Adler in Hinterzarten is not only a 5-star holiday hotel. Rather, it is a place for them in a special natural setting that offers plenty of space to get active wasteful - the land with various buildings and private park...

Golfen am Ritzenhof

Urslautal Golf Club

Tens Sensi ®: The Golf Sensation - One can speak of a revolution in what physical therapist and spa manager Henrique Dias has developed together with the golf pros Jacques Groen and Kurt usurers from Urslautal Golf Club.

Traufganghütte Brunnental

Traufganghütte Brunnental

In the Traufgangshütte Brunnental, your starting point to Traufgängen and winter hiking trails, you will find huts to perfection: unaltered, original and authentic. Equipped with lots of love to detail and boiled with refreshing Fanatsie.

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