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Traufgänge - Felsensteig7. Felsenmeersteig.
Burg Hohenzollern, Traufgänge, Oberschwaben1. Ausblick auf die Burg Hohenzollern.
Hangender Stein, Oberschwaben, Traufgänge, Hohenzollern2. Hangender Stein.
Hohenzollern, Traufgänge, Oberschwaben3. Hochwertige Sinnesbänke laden zum Verweilen ein.
Hossinger Leiter, Oberschwaben, Traufgänge, Hohenzollern4. Weg zur Hossinger Leiter.
Hossinger Leiter, Oberschwaben, Traufgänge, Hohenzollern6. Hossinger Leiter.
Geologie, Museum Holcim, Hohenzollern, Oberschwaben, Balingen, Albstadt5. Geologie auf der Zollernalb.
Popular as ever, the Traufgänge around Albstadt enjoy great popularity among Germany hiking enthusiasts. A total of 86 exciting hiking kilometers, numerous quality host and the eight Traufgänge raise Albstadt in the first league in Germany hiking.


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The awarded by the German Hiking Institute premium through approximately nine to 17 km in length are all designed to be exciting (half) day trips and carry their walkers in the most beautiful corners of the Zollernalb. Without the frustration it can migrate to the perfectly marked hiking trails over hill and dale. What remains is the enjoyment of the countryside, with it Albstadt and the escarpment already very well said. Time, the paths meander up through wild, romantic valleys, sometimes hikers enjoy the wide view on narrow paths along a flat clearing. Make magnificent views of the green valleys down the character of the Traufgänge as well as from the so-handsome flora and fauna of the Alps. At significant points, nature lovers quality sense benches and places for Vespers particularly impressive halts.

The rock climbing sea, the Hossinger ladder, the Castle Rock Trail, the juniper height, Wies inch round and the castle-Panorama are all unique and have their own individual highlights. The excellent 2011 as the second most beautiful hiking Zoller castle panorama scores with its magnificent views of the castle Hohenzollern while you open to the Hossinger ladder to climb on a steep cliff along the iron steps of mounting the same way. One is tempted to wonder also, on clear days, where one can see on some Traufgängen the Alps on the horizon. It pays to be an eightfold Traufgänger!

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