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    2012 - the best year of all spa!










    More Best Spa in the anniversary year: the renowned hotel group "Best Wellness Hotels Austria" now consists of 27 members, all of whom have laced anniversary offers.

    End of the 1980s Tyrolean hoteliers and consultants have been thinking for the first time to own one health concept for the hotel and put new ideas into action.

    In 1992 she founded the "Best Wellness Hotels Austria." Famous names such as Alpine Resort Black Mieming, the Wellness Residenz Alpenrose Maurach and the Sporthotel Stock, Finkenberg have laid the foundation to perfectly combine enjoyment, beauty, relaxation and activity. The success of this concept is based on four pillars that ensure a carefree stay - for couples, families and seniors, Peace seekers and sports enthusiasts alike.

    For 20 years, guests of the families of the Best Wellness Hotels Austria and her staff pamper skillfully. With warm hospitality, excellent service, excellent cuisine and sublime spa areas they serve a large regular clientele on the known high quality level.

    First wait the 27 members of the Best Wellness Hotels Austria for 20-year anniversary with special offers for guests who are invited to join the celebration: 20% on the wellness pampering board, and 20% on fabulous treatments! A wide range of beauty and body treatments, wraps and baths are offered in the 27 "Best Wellness Hotels Austria" - in paradisiacal landscape in front of alpine scenery of golf courses, ski slopes, trails or lakes - perfect conditions for activities to enjoy nature.

    A comprehensive activity and fitness program can be combined to lust and love with the relaxation program and rounded taste with the finest, sumptuous compositions. In the past 20 years, the service and amenities of the hotel was always adjusted to the highest standards. Therefore, among the "Best Wellness Hotels Austria" only 4 * and 5 * Superior houses that offer the guest "Wellness & Spa" in family atmosphere and excellent ambience.

    The Jubilee Year 2012 is dedicated to the sustainability measures have been worked out packages and air balance to preserve the nature around the "Best Wellness Hotels Austria".


    The "Best Wellness Hotels Austria" pay for 20 years on regionalism and sustainability continue to focus on the essentials: the true hospitality!



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